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Take a Power Nap On-The-Go With This Portable Pillow

Let’s face it, the majority of us don’t get enough sleep. Instead we rely on caffeine to carry our zombie-like selves through the workday. It’s no surprise that urban commuters spend an average of 1 hour per day on their way to and from work, some considerably more. But, did you know that a power nap of around 20 minutes increases productivity by more than 30%?

You’ve probably seen that poor soul resting his head on someones shoulder, on the train to work. That is a man of confidence. He doesn’t care what people think and he can somehow wake up right before the train pulls up at his stop. What he doesn’t know, is that the people over at ‘Studio Banana Things’ have created an innovative pillow designed solely for the art of power-napping.

Ostrich Pillow Light has been designed to allow you to catch some sleep whilst on the go. Filled with special silent silicon coated micro-beads, to enhance sound reduction whilst remaining light-weight, its smart adjustable elastic ring shape allows power-nappers of different sizes to use it comfortably. The carefully sourced fabric is extremely soft, making you feel cosy enough to literally drift away anywhere.

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